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Friday, January 20, 2012

Card Shower Challenge !!!

Card Shower Challenge! 

Recently an old friend of mine had surgery.  It was a simple surgery but unfortunately she had some complications that have left her feeling under the weather and in a lot of pain :(  So I decided that I would make her a special card.....knowing that it would not fix everything, but maybe it would bring her a little ray of sunshine on a gloomy day :)

Then I  thought....whats better then one card?  2 Cards!  or 3 Cards......and so this challenge was born! LOL

I challenge all of you to shower her with your hand crafted get well cards!  For every card Sent you will be entered into a drawing for the Grand prize which is a basket of card making goodies!

Also every person who sends at least one card will get a small thank you gift from me! :)

To Enter all you have to do is create your card and post a picture of it on my facebook page!  I will then email you her address so that you can send it to her!  Simple Right?  Plus we will be sending someone an envelope of happiness!

Here is the card that I have made and I am sending out tomorrow!

This little card was giving me a little bit of trouble this morning....I got a creative block and had to have some help from some of you to get through it! LOL  Thanks for that! 

I used paper from the Aspen Level 2 Paper Pack which is actually now retired....but if you like these colors the Wonderland Pack is very similar!  You can find that at

The card is 6 x 3 and is embellished with a paper piecing from Little Scraps of Heaven.  I colored her in with pastels and "Glitzed" up her cloud and the borders with Glitz Gel also available on my website!  Then I finished this little cutie off with some sparkles and we are ready to go!

I  hope some of you decide to enter my shower challenge
 and I can't wait to see what you come up with! 

Until then Have a Happy Scrappy Day!

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