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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Last Day of School!

For those of you who feel like you are beginning to notice some kind of theme going on here at the scrap corner.......well, LOL that is because you are!

It is my little guys last week of his very first year of school so we are partying it up around here!  For those of you just now checking in...........We've had teacher appreciation, thinking of you, and now Happy Last Day Of School Treats!!!

I loved ...LOVED ... making these awesome little jewels with my little one!  And if you chose to make these......I would definately include your kids!  SOOOO much fun!

These did take a little time so that you could really get all the details but so much fun that it didn't even matter!  And I can almost bet you will likely be the only parent bringing such fun treats for the kids!


3 1/2 x 4 1/2 yellow card stock
3 1/2 x 1/2 pink card stock
1" circles in pink card stock
Pinking shears
and hersheys kisses

Take your Yellow card stock and trim one of the shorter edges with your shears....this is going to give your  pencil that just sharpened look :) Then in the middle of one side write .... HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!   

Line your kisses up inside in the middle.  Use one for the lead, and a flat side for the eraser end...the rest of them it doesn't matter how they go...........I used six for each pencil that I made :)

Wrap them up and secure with tape.............I used my scrapper tape, but I found it needed something a little more secure to hold it together!

Attatch a pink circle to the end and wrap a pink strip around it to form the eraser

I used the computer to type on white stock.....your friend.........and cut them out into small squares and matted those with a coordinating paper. 

Finally tie your little name tags on the eraser end with a coordinating ribbon......in my case I chose to coordinate my ribbon with my writing :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and have fun creating these little guys!



  1. These are adorable!Thanks for sharing! I am counting down the days that my kiddos are done for the summer!

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  3. Hi how did u do the eraser? It's a fab idea!