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Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Week at a Glance Wall hanging!

Ok so who doesn't love pinterest???  Oh I am so addicted it is my one stop source for inspiration!  So when I saw this ADORABLE idea I just had to run with it........................So I can say that I did see a couple of different versions, however no one included details so I can only tell you how I did mine :)

If you like a weekly then How cute is this???  I just LOVE it!  And seriously this is one of those
 5 minute projects that ALL of you busy people even have time for!

I started out with a very simple collage frame........I went with this one only because I had it on hand but seriously friends.........any frame that suits your fance will work! 

Mine is 4x6 openings and I am a bit of a pink girly girl so I chose to work with paper from Sophia because you just can't get any more girly then that!  But again.......this is can be anything!  And the best part is that you can change your papers for the holdiays, room colors.....the sky is the limit!!

After my papers were trimmed and in place I used a perm marker to hand write in different fonts Our Week, and then the days of the week and that my friends is it!

You Now have a nice large weekly DRY ERASE command center for your spouses and kids to refer to...................I change my week once a week and let it be.............Every one knows what our plans are and goodbye to miscommunications!

Hope you like it AND I hope you were inspired to try your own version!  And if you do I would love for you to share them on my facebook page so we can see what you come up with!!!!

Now I also want to remind all of you of the next blog hop......It is going to be May 23........Happy Birthday to Lisa and Rebecca blog hop...........Come hop through for all kinds of birthday project inspiration! 

As Always..........


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