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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciations!!!

School Days School Days Good old golden Rule Days!

If you have kids then you realize how important those wonderful teachers are that help to shape their minds........

And at this time of year as the school year comes to a close how great is it to show your appreciation to them?

My project today is a teacher appreciation gift that any one can make!

It is so simple and yet so cute!

This little cutie was made with basic card stock :) No special paper packets here!  I chose planting a seed, but you could use a variety of sayings.............."helping me grow", "giving me a good start"......anything plant related would be cute!

Now my favorite part of this little guy is the chalk board!  This also can be made with cardstock......and for the writing....I went out side of the box and used a white out pen!  It gave me exactly the look that I was after!! 

Add a few embellishments.....in my case, your abc's and 123's, and an apple for the teacher........

And you're ready to let that special teacher in your life know how much you appreciate all she has done for your little  ones!

Hope you liked it......I would love to hear what ideas you walked away with!


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