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Friday, May 11, 2012

Weddings and Bridal Showers

I LOVE SPRING!  And as the weather gets better and better it gets harder and harder to stay in my studio!  I want to be out in the garden with the birds and butterflies and my boy!  Love this time of year!

However it is also the time of showers and weddings and wonderful things like that which keeps me focused and on point because there is alot to do right now :)

I wanted to share with you this very simple and tastefuly elegant card I worked up yesterday :)  Some of you may have already seen it on facebook but I thought I would give a few details about the recipe of this card :)

I started with a plain white card stock and folded my card to the size that I wanted it to be..........I am always partial to a little longer narrower card myself but this kind of design is so simple that any size would work :)

I matted 3 shapes and sizes of white card stock to some black cardstock and made the design I chose with some stickers I had lying around..........however if you have a flourishes stamp that would work even better!           

The I stamped the word love on the top piece as my card is for a bridal shower however YOU should let your creativity flow! 

As usual I had to have some bling but I would have actually chosen smaller if I had them........or opaques would be really cool too!  Top it off with a bow or some other type of embellie...and Violia!

Hope you find some inspiration today!


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