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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentines Day -- After the Madness :)

After the Madness...........February.........to.......December

After the Madness...LOL....

After the Madness I feel like a little bitty rag doll....at least that is what we joke about at our house!  I always have the GREAT expectation EVERY SINGLE YEAR (with out fail might I add ;) ) That this year I am going to get it together :)  And WITH OUT FAIL every single year I am optimistic like that right up until February......and then somehow between the short month and Valentines preparation for school....I lose my grip, my time, and my sanity and the next thing I know I wake up in the middle of a store at midnight on Black Friday tired, confused, and unprepared for the end of the year.............LOL Don't laugh, this is a true story :)

So as a result of the Madness I spent all month preparing our goodies for V day and it is only now AFTER the fact when people don't really care about it anymore lol that I have time to share :)  So Although the month is now gone, maybe it will help you start planning for next year....lol because it will be here before you can say Black Friday!

The Mail Box
Ok so let us start with the all important Valentine Mailbox...........I was sick the entire first week of the month which given my track record ....I really didn't have time for it.....no problem though because they make their mailboxes in school anyway right?  WRONG....I learn "the week of" I might add that this year we are doing them at home............ok sick mama, let's get it together.  

My 5 year old has quite an imagination and requested THE BIG BLUE MAILBOX IN FRONT OF THE PO...... I'm sick and no one has been to the store...the only box we have is a 30 pack mountain dew case....he has 8 people in his class....lol  So we set out to make the Empire State Building of Valentine Mailboxes :)

And I have to add that with out the help of my hubby....this would not have been possible.

The Teachers Gift

Every time we have a reason we also make a little teachers appreciation gift so for this day we did "We need S'more teachers like you"  You can find free templates like this one here.....  FREE PRINTABLE

The Valentines them Selves :)

We got this idea from some that we had seen on Pinterest.....Love that place don't you? So we took the idea and tweaked it to make our own.........."I'm Wheely glad we're friends.......This one is hand crafted no printable sorry :)  Add your favorite cars and candy and voila!

Of course you already have your creative groove on after you have done all this so why not add a RAK?  This one was simple....candy and a bow :)  We delivered these to all the ladies at our bank :)   It's most fun anonymously but...we got caught...lol  

So that is what we've been doing in the studio here all February :)  I hope you have found some inspiration for next year and maybe even a couple of ideas you can use for other holidays :)  And I hope we all manage to slow down the rest of the year a bit :)

Happy Valentines Day Friends!  XOXO 

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