"Today You are You, That is truer than true. There is no alive who is Youer than you." - Dr. Suess

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Leapfrog can be my Valentine!

Do you LOVE leapfrog?

If you have gotten into leapfrog (which I love by the way) then you have very possible come in contact with their amazing LEAP PAD......we have one and let me tell you....this is the only Electronic toy that you need so save your money on all of the the other stuff!  This toy does it ALL!  From photos and videos, to an mp3 player and art studio.......and the games of course, ALL EDUCATIONAL!  Whats not to love right?

Well if you have one of these then you are all to familiar with Learning Path right?  And if you don't have one.....well you better get one because you are missing out!

Ok......back to Learning Path...... I have recently discovered that Leap Frog also makes a Learning Path app for Iphones.......This is a must!

Your app has age appropriate learning fun things to do with your kids weekly....EVERY WEEK a new learning path!   This week there were printable valentines to make, valentine songs, helpful hints and loads of valentine activities to do with you child!  All geared toward your specified age group from Pre School to Third Grade!  I can't wait to see what next week brings!


Monday, February 10, 2014

You Stay at home and do NOTHING?!?

I am a mother and a housewife.....a stay at home mommy

Whew.......the first few months of this new adventure was exciting AND scary all at the same time......and I had to tell my self this often....very often for it to really resonate. I am a stay at home mommy......I am a house wife......I stay at home.....My job is now to stay home and take care of my family......MY JOB IS NOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY WITH 100% FOCUS INSTEAD OF 25%!

How many of you are now beginning this exciting adventure?  Well it is going on 2 years for me and I will tell you sometimes I still feel guilty.......and a bit embarrassed when I get that wonderful question that we all love......"What do you do?"

I was at a function the other day when someone asked me why I was so quiet.....well let me tell you, :) between you and I -- I had had quite a day......but I usually don't get into all of that in conversation because good bad or indifferent, this is my life and I have no complaints!  I am blessed to get to stay home and so no way am I going to complain about MY day.......anyway I made the mistake of telling her I was a bit tired and here it was......."FROM WHAT?  DOING NOTHING ALL DAY?"   Now I know this is the farthest thing from the truth yet....I still never have a response.  And it gets better........then a child near her joins in and says "Where do you work"  I stay home..... "Oh so you don't have to work then?"  and bless his little heart...my Kindergartener chimes in and says...My Daddy works so that she can stay home with me.

Ok but back the the snippy person.......even now...I know what I should say but at those moments I always feel the way that those statements are intended to make us feel..............My husband says it best though....."When you are working outside of the home you are working 2 jobs"  that is what make us feel appreciated so why do we care what the outside world believes?  Then Yesterday I found this article circulating around facebook and it is a very good read that sums it all up perfectly!  You're a Stay at home mom, What do you do all day?

Here is what I ACTUALLY Do all day (and what I should say to the next person to insinuate that i do nothing all day because I don't work outside of the home :) And I am quite sure most of you can relate......and its a job we should all be proud of!

I'm a wife, I'm a mother, I'm a friend, I'm a referee, I'm a Chef, I'm a Maid, I'm a taxi driver, I'm a crafter, I'm an accountant, I'm a nurse, I'm a doctor, I'm a mechanic, I'm a fixer of things, I'm an organizing specialist, I'm a secretary, I'm a personal shopper, I'm a tutor, I'm a teacher, I'm a playdate, I'm delivery service, I'm a laundromat, I'm a dishwasher, I'm a party planner, I'm ....... a stay at home mommy and a housewife and that means I take no breaks....I get no vacation....I get no days of.......and I am on call 24 hours a day :) what do YOU do all day?