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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Leapfrog can be my Valentine!

Do you LOVE leapfrog?

If you have gotten into leapfrog (which I love by the way) then you have very possible come in contact with their amazing LEAP PAD......we have one and let me tell you....this is the only Electronic toy that you need so save your money on all of the the other stuff!  This toy does it ALL!  From photos and videos, to an mp3 player and art studio.......and the games of course, ALL EDUCATIONAL!  Whats not to love right?

Well if you have one of these then you are all to familiar with Learning Path right?  And if you don't have one.....well you better get one because you are missing out!

Ok......back to Learning Path...... I have recently discovered that Leap Frog also makes a Learning Path app for Iphones.......This is a must!

Your app has age appropriate learning fun things to do with your kids weekly....EVERY WEEK a new learning path!   This week there were printable valentines to make, valentine songs, helpful hints and loads of valentine activities to do with you child!  All geared toward your specified age group from Pre School to Third Grade!  I can't wait to see what next week brings!


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